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Pompano Beach Fishing Charters

Just Right Florida Charters customer holding a fishing offshore infront of a rainbow


  • Trolling is one of our top producers of Tuna, Wahoo, Kingfish, Mahi Mahi, Bonita, and Barracudas

  • The way we troll is by dragging 2-4 lures on the top of the water and 1-2 lures down deep

  • We use planners and deep-diving baits for depths from 5-45 feet

  • Most of our trolling is in depths of 70-300 feet of water about 1-3 miles offshore

Just Right Florida Charters young customer holding up a yellow tail with the ocean in the background
Bottom Fishing
  • Bottom fishing is the best way to catch all species of Snapper as well as Grouper, but there are also many other species to catch…

  • Bottom fishing mostly consists of using dead bait on the bottom, but when live bait is around we use that as well

  • Chumming is one of the best ways to bring fish up from the bottom and lure them in when bottom fishing

  • Usually, we bottom fish anywhere from 10-180 feet of water about 0-2 miles offshore

Just Right Florida Charters captaing setting up fishing gear

Kite Fishing

  • Kite fishing is a great way to catch larger fish consisting of Tuna, Wahoo, Kingfish, Mahi Mahi, Bonita, Barracudas, and trophy Sailfish

  • Live bait is used for kite fishing

  • Yes, we actually use a kite, and we attach 2-3 rods to it with breakaway clips

  • The point of the kite is to keep the baits spread out, so they don’t tangle as well as keep the baits on the surface of the water

  • kite fishing is in depths of 50-400 feet of water about 1-3 miles offshore

Deep Dropping Offshore on Just Right Floirda Charters Fishing Boat
Deep Drop
  • Deep dropping is how we catch all of our Swordfish, Barrel fish, Tiles, Grouper, Wreckfish, Snapper, and Rosefish

  • When deep dropping we use only dead bait and sometimes just parts of fish that we rig for swords and other species

  • When deep sea dropping, we look for bumps, ledges, or holes that fish could be lurking near

  • Most fish that we deep drop for are in 300-2000 feet of water and anywhere from 3-30 miles offshore

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